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was a company that wanted to bring "cool kits" (fantasy rockets, gliders that glide, and more) and to bring you other fun and useful model rocketry items. However, prankish circumstance had other ideas.

Thanks for your patronage and interest!

This is what we had.
zoomie tangent glider slider silver hawk silver hawk slider pad jr. wicked winnie slider pad swinger swinger in motion
The Plans have been posted at Ye Olde Rocket Shop

This is what you could have had if things worked out differently....
"look at me! the one and only nekomimi!"
hyperbolic tangent hyperbolic tangent whorl swinger ii "eliptical delta boost glider" "nebula nellie" & "starliner" "starblaster sl" "speedster" "astro-carrier", "champion", "transporter", & "wicked winnie" 2 boost gliders clusters "pentron" "alien eluder" "polyphemis" boost gliders "willie" & "arges" "stereopes" "wingding" space cases ufo nasa cccp chimp

last updated 11/18/2006